Dietary Supplements & Cosmetics

OEM/ODM, Distribution, & Marketing

Established in 2012, Aban USA Inc. has been working closely with its partners and customers to develop and distribute dietary supplements and cosmetic products. We provide a turnkey solution for your projects.
No matter what state of development you’re currently in, Aban USA Inc. offers everything you’ll need from R&D, high quality ingredient sourcing, custom formulas, specialty packaging and label design. And we can help you distribute your products through various channels.
We work with a great team of professionals who are passionate and have many years of expertise to back it up.
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Start Your Own Brand of Dietary Supplements and Cosmetics

Aban USA has been successfully developing and producing quality dietary supplement products for a decade. And we can help you develop a full line of nutrition supplements and cosmetic products. Instead of distributing other company’s products, you can build your own product lines and establish a more secure business model.

Available Delivery Methods:

Capsules, Softgels, Tablets, Powder, and more.